Traditional Mysore style classes are held Monday through Friday, from 6:00 am - 9:00 am and Led Primary Series is held on Saturday from 7:30 am - 9:00 am.

3030 North Park Way, San Diego CA 92104.



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Mysore Style Means Anyone Can Practice

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by anyone. Age, ability, or injury cannot prevent any one hungry for yoga from learning how to still the mind. Each student is taught in a manner appropriate for them as an individual. This is the very heart of the traditional Mysore style of instruction. Learning yoga in this traditional manner has many benefits. Every practitioner grows confident and independent in their personal spiritual practice and is able to carry that practice any where they go. Furthermore, this traditional method greatly facilitates a contemplative, meditative drawing inward of the senses and calming of the mind.


Tristhana is a Sanskrit term that describes the three most important places of attention and action in asana practice in the traditional Ashtanga yoga method. Namely, posture, breathing, and the point of gazing. These three approximately correspond to three levels of purification—namely the body, the nervous system, and the mind. Correct posture, breathing, and gazing point are all best learned from a teacher rather than from any other source as they may need to be altered or tailored to fit the student’s needs and abilities. Standard alignment, number of breaths, and proper point of gaze can be too demanding and possibly even harmful if a student is not yet ready. However, with patience and practice correct tristhāna can lead a student to ever greater depths of practice. Commonly mistaken as one of the three primary foundations, bandha’s are locks within the body that seal in energy, strength, and health. Practiced correctly, they can provide lightness and great internal heat. Bandha’s are an aspect of proper breathing. As with tristhana, bandhas should be learned from a teacher so as to avoid misuse and thereby undesirable bad effects.